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Bob McLemore is a Caddo Indian who has built his life around the American dream of working hard by tilling the Caddo Land and embracing the agriculture livelihood.  The son of Jack McLemore and the first of four children, he grew up living on the Caddo Tribal Land in Colony, Oklahoma.  He has learned that working hard in the fields brings rewards--like swimming in Buck Creek and Cobb Creek, learning to fish with his Grandpa McLemore and standing by his Caddo Grandmother Mary Cross McLemore making homemade donuts.  (And being sure he was first in line to get one of the daily delicacies!)

Bob attended Colony schools until the consolidation and then graduated from Washita Heights High School. He attended college at Southwestern, but realized his love for farming outweighed the classroom.  So in 1972, he rented his first parcel of land and began to make his dream a reality.

Farming cotton, peanuts and hay became a fast paced life, but was soon interrupted by a girl he met at a friend's wedding.  In 1975 Aquilla  became his wife and farming was put on hold while she finished her nursing degree in Canyon, Texas.   

In the meantime, Bob worked in a 5 acre green house growing tulips, poinsettas, and numerous other plants. After his employer  realized that Bob was a "real farmer," his jobs were more numerous--"Bob can fix most anything, enjoys most everything, and loves a challenge with all things!"   

After her graduation, there was never a question of "Where shall we live?"  Bob was dedicated to tilling the land, so back to Colony they moved and in the next 6 years a son (Jed) and daughter (Jenny) were born.  Farming and nursing--and all the things that go along with raising a family--were  treated with respect from God's Grace for a great farm life.  Bob and Aquilla are active members of Oakdale Missionary Baptist Church.

Some additional information about McLemore Pumpkin Farm:                          

 We've been in the farming business for 48 years.
 We've been in in the pumpkin wholesale business for 10 years.
 We've had tours for children for 18 years.
 We offer a safe family environment with lots to see & do!

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