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Pumpkin Recipes

  Here are some Pumpkin Recipe  
ideas that we hope you enjoy!

Cooking A Fresh Pumpkin Pie
Select your pumpkin. Normally a 5 lb.  Pie Pumpkin will make enough for 2 pies. You can use other varieties as well.
Cushaw sqash make a terrific flavor pie.
Wash all the dirt off of your pumpkin/squash. Being certain to clean good around the stem.
Do not cut the Pumpkin/Squash.
Wrap in aluminum foil All of it. Place on a baking sheet.
Bake at 300 for 4 hrs. or until when pushing on the pumpkin it is soft.
Let cool for an hour or so. Remove the stem. Be careful it will be hot and it will be very soft and pliable.
Pour off the water/juice and gently scoop out the seeds and fibers.
A regular butter knife will gently peel away the skin.
Place in the food processor or blender or mixer to smooth. Throw away fibers that are on your blades. Do not add any liquid.

For Pumpkin Filling:  ONE PIE
2 c. pumpkin puree/ squash puree
One half tsp. Salt
1 c. sugar  / or substitue 1 c. Splenda
One fourth  c. brown sugar
2 tsp. Pumpkin pie spice
Three quarters tsp. Cinnamon
3 eggs
6 oz. Milnot
Mix all ingredients and pour into deep dish pie shell.
Bake at 325 for approx 45 min. Watch closely to not burn the crust.
When knife inserted and removed is clean it is done!

Pumpkin Pie In A Glass

Source:  The Prairie Homestead
Three fourths c. pumpkin puree
1 and one half c. raw milk (We've used both goat's and cow's milk or try coconut milk if you are dairy-free.)
2 c. ice cubes
One half t. pumpkin pie spice
1 t. cinnamon
1 t. vanilla extract
1 T. blackstrap molasses
Pinch of stevia or a tablespoon or two of real maple syrup (to taste)
Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until thick and creamy.
Tip: The key to super creamy milkshakes when you don't use ice cream is the blending. Blend it a lot. Blend it until you think it's mixed enough, then blend it some more.
Yield: Approximately 2 servings

Other Ways to Cook a Pumpkin/Squash

  • Wash small pumpkin well, place in microwave safe dish. Cover and cook at 4-5 minute intervals for approx 30 minutes. Turning/ and checking often. When soft to touch it is done. Let cool slightly before cutting. Contents will be very hot!
  • Wash cushaw squash, cut stem off, cut in half lengthwise, scoop out fibers, place on pan with sides, put 1/2 c. sugar, 2 tsp pumpkin pie spices, 1/4 stick butter  in the cavity.  Cover lightly and bake for  approximately 1 1/2 hours at 325 degrees.  Depends on size of squash.  Very forgiving dish if needs to set for awhile.  Scopp out carefully or just eat it out of the shell.  You can use all different kinds of spices, Italian, Cajun, or  just with butter and salt and pepper.
  • Wash and slice horizontally 2 inch slices (carefully) cushaw and grill with olive oil and Italian seasoning.
  • Pumpkins are a healthy choice. 80 cal./cup 1 gm. Fiber and 0 Fat. High in beta carotene and potassium.
  • Scoop out RAW seeds, take out as much fiber as possible.  Spread on cookie sheet.  Bake at 300  degrees for 30 minutes.  Watch closely.  Eat the husk and all.  Sprinkle with choice seasonings.  Very high in protein and low in fat.  How many seeds does the average pumpkin have?

Neat Ideas for Pumpkins
  • Prepare your favorite fall soup/stew use your pumpkin for the bowl.  By washing the pumpkin, carving off a lid using the stem as a holder, scoop out the fibers and heat your pumpkin in the microwave for about 5 minutes on high. This will keep your soup hot longer. Pour your soup in, replace the lid, and off you go...or a great display for suppertime.
  • Travels well in a small ice chest lined with a recycled plastic (Wal-mart) bag to catch any accidental spills.
  • Instead of carving off the top for a Jack O Lantern look, carve off the bottom couple of inches. Put your candle on the bottom and replace the top. Keeps you from burning your fingers when lighting the candle! Try tea lights instead of big candles.
  • Spray your carved pumpkin with a mixture of Clorox /water or use Clorox cleanup sprayed on the inside--it will deter rotting for a little while longer. Paint early and carve later. Enjoy every day.
  • After painting your favorite design on a pumpkin, spray with varnish to keep the design looking fresh. Do NOT eat this pumpkin later.
  • Use glow sticks instead of candles in your carved pumpkins.
  • When using your pumpkins for decoration, attempt to keep them on a dry surface. If it rains on them, dump the water off from the stem. If you have them on cement, put a barrier under them to keep the hot/cold cement from increasing the rotting time of your decoration--try something like an old rug or some straw. Your display should last all season.
  • Pumpkins are a fresh vegetable and they will ROT! Leaving them in your flowerbed is okay if you want pumpkins to come up next year!
  • When carving, always supervise kids and kids, supervise adults!

Pumpkin Carving Ideas!

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