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Wholesale Purchase Info Sheet

 We have several varieties of pumpkins
planted this year!

Hello All!
As per your "last year" order or your "this year" request, we have a tentative listing of the pumpkins that we hopefully will have for sale in the next few weeks.  

We will load you here at the farm, or, if you choose to haul without bins, you can bring help to unload the bins and haul the product like you please.  Sorry, no trucking service available.

Our address has changed, but we are in the same location.  This was due to the 911 system.  Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have.
We have Haygrazer stalks--$6/bundle.

We plan on beginning harvest the second week of September.  Everything is subject to change if Mother Nature decides to do things differently!

We appreciate your request for information...Happy Fall!   

McLemore Pumpkin Farm
11783 N. 2440 Rd. Colony, Oklahoma
Phone 405-929-7328 home or Bob Cell 405-542-7077
Aquilla cell 405-542-7419   E-mail Us!

Pumpkin Purchase Information
September/October 2018

Prices include the pallet, bin and loading.
Check and Cash are accepted.  (Sorry, no Credit Cards at this time.)

Large Jack O Lantern
Weight ~ 20-25 lbs
Count ~ 30-35
Approximately 22-24 inches

Regular Jack O Lantern
Height ~ 9-12 inches
Count ~ Approximately 75
Approximately 22-24 inches

Small Jack O Lantern
Weight ~ 5-7 lbs
Height ~ 7-9 Inches
Count ~ Approximately 80

Sugar Pies
Weight ~ 3-5 lbs
Height ~ Approximately 6 inches
Count ~ Approximately 200

Special Variety, 24 Inch Bin

Size ~ 12-36 inches in diameter, flat bright
Weight ~ 10-45 lbs
Count ~ 35-40

Cushaw Squash
Weight ~ 8-15 lbs
Size ~ 12-16 inches, green/white stripe
Count ~ Approximately 45

Weight ~ 10-15 lbs
Size ~ 12-18 inches
Count ~ 35-40

White (Crystal Star)
Size ~  15-30 lb.
Count ~ 40-45

Decorating Variety
Count ~ 40-45
Various White, Fairy Tale, Peanut, Warty
(no regular pumpkins)

Additional Products

Monstor Gourds--$3
Lady Hay Bales--$6
Swan gourds--$3
Shocks Green Stalks--$6
Dry Haygrazer Stalks--$6

We have many other specialty pumpkins on site.
Customizing available on all orders.
We appreciate your request for information!
Happy Fall Season.

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